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Banana hairstyle

Banana hairstyle

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First-class stars like Jessica Chastain, Nicole Richie or Emma Stone always proudly wear their elegant updos on the red carpet; the banana hairstyle is always there too. At least since Audrey Hepburn’s unforgettable appearance in the Hollywood movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” the banana has been one of the classics of stylish hairstyles. Not only does the trending hairstyle grace the runways and red carpets of this world, it can also give your hair the ultimate glam factor. All you need to create this elegant look yourself is a comb, a pair of bobby pins and our gallery of images, which will help you step by step to conjure up your hair with a banana hairstyle.

The banana hairstyle is also known as the French twist and it evokes the French elegance in your hair. Blunt ends and boring hairstyles are a thing of the past because it is so easy to style the sleek banana yourself. Because it visually lengthens the neck, it brings grace and grace to all who wear it and is therefore a popular hairstyle variant among brides. After all, every bride wants to be the most beautiful, there is no problem with this style, for which you do not even have to go to a hairdresser. Banana is a true all-rounder, whether it’s chic and festive or as a trendy party hairstyle. Many collected hairstyles are only suitable for long hair, not the banana hairstyle which is easy to achieve even with medium length hair. Whether with long or medium hair, thick or thin, curly or straight, the banana hairstyle suits all types of women! From now on, transform into Audrey Hepburn and surprise your friends and family with the stylish DIY look. Just follow this tutorial and your hair is guaranteed to turn heads!

The banana hairstyle: what you need for your style:

For your banana updo to come out perfectly, you need the right equipment. This includes a hairbrush, a fine comb, and depending on the thickness of your hair, between 10 and 15 hair clips. Hair clips for dividing individual strands and of course a large amount of hairspray are also helpful, so that the joy of your banana hairstyle will last for a long time! Even if you’re not a styling pro, with a little practice and this guide you can create the perfect hair banana. Or you declare that your sister or a friend is your styling partner, after all, no professional has fallen from the sky. The banana hairstyle works best on hair washed the day before, as freshly washed strands are more difficult to tame.

Banana Snail Hairstyle: The Four Steps to Your Updo Dream

It doesn’t always have to be difficult to conjure up a wonderful banana in your head. With these four steps, you are guaranteed to be successful.

Step 1: comb and tease

You should first brush your hair with a thick comb so that the banana hairstyle looks smooth and even at the end and there are no annoying strands of hair. On the desired side of the head, part straight and then gently stroke strand by strand along the hairline. This gives your hair the desired volume and gives the banana a better fit.When you tease it, you need to make sure that your hair does not get tangled and that the top of the hair is always well placed.

Step 2: repair

Now your voluminous hair is ready to be styled. After combing them to the side and leaving them loose, take 5-8 bobby pins or bobby pins, depending on the thickness of your hair, and use them to cross the hair and pin it to the back of the head. In this way, the position of the banana hairstyle is determined at the same time, since it twists on the brackets that are still visible.

Step 3: screw and secure

Now you can get started with diligent hair twisting, the supreme discipline when pasting the banana hairstyle. To do this, you take your hair in your hand as if you were making a simple ponytail and twist the entire braid in the direction of the pins. This creates the so-called banana, which resembles a vertical hollow roll. The twisted strands are now pinned back to the back of the head with enough hair clips and hairspray.

Step 4: turn the tips into a snail

To complete its elegant look, the tips of the hair that protrude from the top are twisted into a small snail with a diameter of about 3 centimeters and held again with bobby pins. The ends of the hair optically disappear completely in the banana hairstyle.

The noble hairstyle is ready – traditionally, the classic hairstyle is particularly suitable for a classy and sophisticated look. If you prefer a look that is not too strict, just remove some individual strands from the banana hairstyle, which visually frame your face and give your look a casual touch.Who would have thought that you can create a stylish banana hairstyle yourself in just four steps? Your friends are sure to turn green with envy when they see you in the trendy banana look. Because with such an elegant style we guarantee that you will attract attention at every party, on a romantic date or at your own wedding! Practice Makes Perfect: Perfect Your Hairstyle and Optimize Your Look with DIY Banana Hairstyle

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