Bar Refaeli se atreve en septiembre

Bar Refaeli dares in September

Bar Refaeli dares in September

Wedding countdown

wantedthe 04/08/2015 | 10:37

With his Adi Ezra, Bar Refaeli finally found his great love last year and to make it last forever, the knot is now closed. Until now, the beauty has been silent when it comes to planning her most beautiful day, but now a connoisseur could no longer contain himself.

It’s hard to believe it took so long until Bar Refaeli found the man of her dreams But last year it finally broke loose: businessman Adi Ezra made a difficult impression on the supermodel, so now, after the engagement in March, the wedding should finally go on. An exact date has even been set.

Bar Refaeli is said to want to get married at the end of September

The 30-year-old has yet to say a word about planning her wedding celebration, but one source doesn’t seem to have many secrets. On September 24, Bar Reafaeli is supposed to take his treasure as a husband in Yaarot Hacarmel, Israel. and will be accompanied musically by Sholmi Shabat, member of the jury of “La Voz de Israel”. “ME! The news “unfortunately did not arise in the informant, but with the exchange of the wedding rings, surely Bar Refaeli will be able to leave behind all the evils of love of recent years.

Bar Refaeli has long been searching for eternal love

As early as 2003 it seemed that Bar Refaeli had left Markt because she was married to Arik Weinstein for two years. The dream of everlasting happiness was shattered, however, and Leonardo DiCaprio, who had long been a big contender for the job of Bar Refaeli’s new husband, was already there. But the wedding bells in our heads rang too soon, because instead of the Hollywood heartthrob, the blonde chose her Adi Ezra, with whom she will hopefully be happy now, forever!

For Bar Refaeli, the wedding countdown seems to start gradually, because if the informants’ statements are correct, the wedding rings could be changed in seven weeks. How the port of marriage will actually be entered remains to be seen, but we’re confident that Bar Refaeli will headline her 2003 wedding outfit again.

Image Source: Getty Images / Tristan Fewings