Barking dog drives away thieves

There were several raids or attempted raids in the town of Weismain on Thursday night.

At around 2.15 am, the resident of a single-family home in Hans-Wolf-Strasse woke up because his dog was barking very loudly. When he looked at his surveillance camera, he noticed a person in dark clothes crawling through his house. Due to the police patrols that were called, no one could be found at the scene or during the immediate pursuit. The perpetrator was likely chased away by the barking dog.

Stolen from daycare

During the search for this perpetrator, a police patrol noticed a broken window in the kindergarten on Bürgermeister-Rothlauf-Strasse. According to initial findings, the assailant entered the building here and stole around € 60 in cash from a box of coffee.

In pharmacies and beverage stores

Around 2.30 am, the pharmacist at the Jura pharmacy noticed anomalies in a window, for which he immediately notified the police. The employed officers searched the pharmacy and its surroundings, again without success. The perpetrator obviously did not enter the building.

Last but not least, the manager of a beverage market on Festungsweg discovered on Thursday morning that they had entered the market overnight. The unknown perpetrator opened a window and stole a total of around 300 euros in coins from the cash register and a wallet.

Description of the aggressor

Based on the video recordings seen at the family home, the perpetrator can be described as follows: He was wearing a balaclava, a light-colored down jacket, gloves and a backpack on his back.

The Lichtenfels police inspection requests relevant information about the unknown thief by calling 09571/95200. pole