Basado en una historia real: en el tráiler alemán también "El angel negro" un adolescente se convierte en un asesino en serie

Based on a true story: in the German trailer too "The black angel" a teenager becomes a serial killer

Based on a true story: in the German trailer too "The black angel" a teenager becomes a serial killer

“The Black Angel” is about the Argentine thief Carlos, who becomes a criminal at an early age and later a serial killer. Here’s the German trailer for the serial killer biopic:

His middle-class life was never enough for Carlos (Lorenzo Ferro). He does not believe in social rules and does not believe that people have the right to property. I’d rather just take what you want, whether it’s yours or not. Despite his wishes, Carlos retains his impulses (and his long fingers) for much of his youth, but then a fateful encounter ensues …

He befriends his partner Ramón (Chino Darín) and meets his drug addict father José (Daniel Fanego). Quickly recognize the hidden criminal desires that lie dormant in the innocent-looking handsome boy. José leads Carlos down the wrong path, teaches him to handle firearms and trains him to be a thief.

It doesn’t take long for Carlos to use his newfound abilities to enrich himself with someone else’s possessions, but that’s just the beginning. During a raid, reflexively shoot an old man. But Carlos has no regrets. On the contrary: In pursuit of unlimited freedom, the rebel is fine by all means, if necessary, he can even step over corpses. Soon he will be called “The Black Angel” or “The Angel of Death” for his deeds.

The real background of “The Black Angel”

Carlos Eduardo Robledo Puch is one of the most cunning criminals that Argentina has produced. “The Black Angel” tells the true story of the young serial killer who terrorized Buenos Aires in the early 1970s. His androgynous appearance gives no indication of the criminal plans that lie behind him.

But the acts that Robledo Puch committed were cruel. He murdered eleven people between the ages of 19 and 20; In addition to murder, his acts include robbery, rape and kidnapping. He was arrested on February 4, 1972 and has served a life sentence ever since. He still lives in prison today.

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“The Black Angel” will be released on June 27, 2019 on DVD and Blu-ray.