La temporada de baño ha comenzado: cómo proteger su cabello del agua clorada y Co.

Bath Season Has Started: How To Protect Your Hair From Chlorinated Water And Co.

Bath Season Has Begun: How To Protect Your Hair From Chlorinated Water And Co.

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wantedon 06/10/2014 | 15:45

Yes, yes, yes, summer is here, we can finally start over with bathing fun. But for many women, especially those with colored hair, only then comes the rude awakening after the really nice cool down. When you jump into the long-awaited swimming pool, completely exhausted by the sun, and the elegant freshly dyed summery color of your hair has to give way to a bright green hue. But not only can chlorine rob your hair of energy, shine and freshness, but the sun, salt and wind are also among the culprits of summer. Here we tell you and in our photo we show how to protect your hair from the dangers of heat.

Jump into the sea once and your hair will be transformed into a fresh beach mane. However, if you stay longer on the beach, you will quickly be bothered by the fireproof fluff that hangs lifeless and brittle from your head. The reasons for this are UV rays, chlorine and salt, which attack the hair structure and loosen the natural oil and cuticle layer of the hair.

Before the holidays

Do you want to look chic on vacation and show yourself from your most beautiful side? We understand it perfectly. Above all, we can only approve a hairdressing appointment before the summer trip, if not only are you signing up for a hair dye at the hairdresser of your choice. Why? Because coloring attacks your hair extremely and it is anything but beautiful in strong sunlight and loses its shine and intensity. It is better to cut the ends before heat shock. This makes the hair more resistant and protects it from split ends.

Shower before bath

When you arrive at the azure blue sea, the inviting lake or the swimming pool, we have to remind you of the wise words of Mrs. Mom: “Take a shower before jumping into the water!” Mothers are always right, as we know. Also with the fact that you must shower before swimming. Moms often recommend this for hygiene reasons, but this tip is good for your hair too. Think of your hair as a sponge. If you fill with clean fresh water before bathing in the cold water, it becomes much more difficult for the chlorine and salt water to attack the hair. If showering is not possible for any reason, replenish your hair with a little conditioner or olive oil before showering.

The right shower temperature

Again, you just need to shower with warm water. Too hot water damages the surface of the hair and causes the substances in the shampoo to loosen the natural protective layer of the scalp. Dandruff builds up and unpleasant itching occurs.


Don’t forget the shower AFTER the bath. Even rinsing the hair without shampooing prevents chemicals and metals from sticking together and thus protects the hair structure and color. It becomes particularly critical when bathing in salt water: the dissolved salt crystals remain on the hair and act as a blotter, removing moisture and oil.

Even after bathing, the hair should be rinsed with fresh water immediately; you can safely do without shampoo. It is best to wear this at night and allow your hair and scalp a little recovery phase. To make the hair more combinable, we recommend a conditioner, which you should leave on for a while.

Dry hair properly

Wild rubbing with a towel after washing is certainly too aggressive a wash cycle for the hair. You can also absorb some moisture by gently squeezing the moisture out of your hair. The gentlest way is to air dry, without the heat of the dryer or the attacks of the towels. However, you don’t sit in the midday sun with wet hair; Your hair will dry surprisingly quickly, but UV rays combine with moisture to form hydrogen peroxide, which not only takes a lot of moisture out of your hair, but also makes it discolored, porous. makes and removes its shine.

Well protected

Your scalp won’t just thank you when you protect yourself from sunburn on the beach in the scorching sun with a casual summer hat, base cap, scarf or light towel. It also shows your understanding of style and above all it protects your hair. Because conditioners and oils can literally make hair boil when exposed to the scorching sun. In the pool water you should not do without a bathing cap, which protects your hair from metals and chemicals in moisture.

Summer protective hairstyles

In addition to summer hats, pin and braid hairstyles are not only in fashion, but are also gentle on hair. With these hairstyles, the wind, which acts as a dryer in summer and makes hair unruly, unruly and frizzy, has less surface area to attack. However, when inserting, you should avoid metal clips. These can get very hot in the sun and greatly damage your hair. It is better to use plastic or wooden models.

Our tip for the casual beach look at the chiringuito at night: Knead some mousse into medium-dry hair and then twist it into individual strands that will be attached to your head with bobby pins. Then let your hair dry completely and reopen the mini snails. The sexy beach waves are ready and you just have to fix them with hairspray.

We have put together all the useful tips and tools for you in our image gallery.