Frijoles en la oreja: Samsung desarrolla Galaxy Buds completamente nuevos (fotos)

Beans in the ear: Samsung develops all-new Galaxy Buds (pictures)

Beans in the ear: Samsung develops all-new Galaxy Buds (pictures)

Samsung is already developing new Galaxy Buds, the next generation is likely to have a completely new shape. There are first images.

Samsung is already developing the next generation for its Galaxy Buds, with a completely new design. At first and second glance, these new headphones remind us of beans. The first graphics already show the new hardware design today; they are fairly accurate 3D graphics based on leaked information. Internally, the new headphones should be called Beans, according to the Winfuture report.

Beans: more compact headphones for the Galaxy Buds series

“According to our sources, Samsung’s new headphones, which have the model number SM-R180, have two small speakers, one of which should each provide high and mid or low tones. To achieve better sound, the speakers apparently have an outward channel, similar to what you would find in a subwoofer. “

No further technical data is known. But we expect several hours of battery life, the new Galaxy Buds can probably be charged wirelessly via the attached case. There is probably no active noise suppression, but the microphones are built in for telephony.

A market launch is not officially known, but it is likely to occur alongside the Galaxy Note 20 in late summer.