Tendencia de belleza: el puchero perfecto para selfies y compañía.

Beauty Trend: The perfect pout for selfies and company.

Beauty Trend: The perfect pout for selfies and company.

Beauty trend

wantedon 09/15/2014 | 15:27

What artists used to innocently call self-portraits has now become socially acceptable to the masses thanks to social media and has spread like wildfire among the users of such platforms. Self-portrait images are now called “selfies” and they encourage women in particular to want to look as beautiful as possible in so-called snapshots. On Instagram, for example, filter options help make the face particularly radiant. But the trend is towards unfiltered selfies, which of course should look flawless. So to help you achieve personal makeup perfection, now there is a #nofilter lipstick. What makes this so special and what tips and tricks you can use to make a perfect pout, we’ll tell you here and in our photo show.

Beauty brand Avon Cosmetics proves that you can expand the selfie craze even further – they have now released a lipstick that is supposed to make lips look particularly sexy and perfectly made up for photos on Instagram and co.

Filter-free lip perfection

Especially on social networks like Instagram, which live off users’ images, there is increasing pressure to post particularly beautiful photos online. If these images are also selfies and the trend is also towards unfiltered beauty, then women in particular are always looking for new ways to look as flawless as possible. Beauty label Avon Cosmetics has specially created a #nofilter lipstick for this modern problem, which is supposed to turn lips into a perfectly glossy kissable mouth. The “Ultra Color Bold” lipstick is the brand’s most pigmented lipstick to date and should not have to be applied multiple times to get a brilliant color result, as is often the case with regular lipsticks, but rather a particularly intense and shiny lipstick with a simple application. End up. You can use it to paint the lips in a perfect heart shape. So is this the miracle cure to conjure up an exciting kissable mouth for selfies and company?

Proper lip care

Before starting color, women should first take care of their lips, because that is often neglected. To take care of your lips from the inside out, it is advisable to drink at least two liters of water throughout the day to protect them from dryness. As in the rest of the body, the skin on the lips is renewed, resulting in dead cells that must be removed. There are special lip peels that make the mouth soft and flexible again. And because blood circulation is stimulated by rubbing, the lips appear even more plump and rosy. After the peel, you can give your lips a little rest with a little lip balm before applying the colored lipstick.

Video: You don’t even have to leave the house for proper lip care. The following video shows three simple steps you can take to create a gentle scrub from your household items.

Choice of appropriate color for writing

Whichever lipstick you choose afterwards – the color should not be chosen arbitrarily, but should match your natural complexion so it doesn’t look too unnatural. For fair skin types, intense undertones such as berry colors are especially suitable. If your skin tone is quite cool, it must also be the color tone; If your skin tone is warmer, a warmer tone should be selected accordingly. For example, sunny orange tones or bright pink go well with medium skin tones. For dark skin, on the other hand, you can use particularly strong lipstick colors, like an exciting wine red. Regardless of skin tone, it is advisable to paint the lips in the correct way with a pencil before applying the lipstick. This also prevents the lipstick from slipping over the painted lines, but instead remains in perfect shape. And don’t forget to always have your lipstick ready to go in your bag when you need it, because even smudge-proof and waterproof lipsticks fade over time and need to be renewed.

How to do it: the perfect selfie

If you have the best conditions for selfies on your lips, you can use a few little tricks to create the perfect photographic environment. Proper lighting is especially important: avoid too bright and cold light sources and provide indirect, warm light that flatters your complexion. Also make sure the background is not too chaotic, if possible, so as not to be distracted from you as a point of attraction. Along with the exciting pout, nothing stands in the way of your perfect selfie.

In our slideshow we show you the #nofilter lipstick as well as other tips and products with which you can achieve the perfect pout for selfies and the like.