A la vlogger de belleza le crece el pelo de la nariz

Beauty vlogger grows hair on her nose

Beauty vlogger grows hair on her nose


Sight alone hurts: a beauty vlogger grew her nose hair. Yes, really with warm wax. In the nose. Take a look at the procedure here and find out why this is not a good idea at all. Not just because of the pain!

Youtuber Sepi Balini dared to try it herself. She went to a beautician and got that in your opinion Eliminates the annoying hairs from the nose.

This is what the beauty procedure looks like:

Well, are you shaking too?

Why it is not a good idea to pluck your nose hair

Should nose hair really be removed for cosmetic reasons? The answer is no. Because the hairs on the nose, unlike those on the legs or under the arms, still fulfill a fundamental task today: they prevent dirt and germs from simply entering our body. So if you just rip them off, it can be a huge risk to your health.

Especially since the sensitive nasal mucous membrane can’t cope with hair pulling that well. It may respond with redness, pain, and pimples.

Is this why it is worth growing your nose hairs? Unlikely!

So please don’t take the example of the beauty vlogger. If the hairs on your nose bother you, take the trimmer and trim it a bit. Or just leave them in place. We all have it after all!

Image Source: Pixabay.com, instagram.com/makeupbysepi