Antes de Apple: (casi) ya nadie conoce al antiguo propietario de Beats

Before Apple: (almost) no one knows the former owner of Beats anymore

Before Apple: (almost) no one knows the former owner of Beats anymore

Apple and Beats: They have been together since 2014. But Beats, better known by its own brand “Beats by Dr. Dre”, is a few years older and before Apple belonged to a well-known smartphone manufacturer. Already knew?

Direct competition: Beats did business with this manufacturer before Apple

Beats mixed the hearing aid market in the late 2000s – Beats by Dr. Dre’s eye-catching plastic earbuds in the ears of famous musicians, athletes, and other celebrities. Beats is now primarily known as a subsidiary of Apple – the tech giant took over Beats in 2014, for a whopping US $ 3 billion. In addition to the headphone division, which Apple probably won’t continue for much longer, the iPhone maker also secured the technology and talent behind the Beats Music streaming service, which merged with Apple Music in 2015. What’s less Known to Many: Beats once belonged to a well-known tech maker.

In fact, Beats was owned by smartphone and tech maker HTC from 2010 to 2012. Things had calmed down around the well-known maker in recent years, and the company recently came back with new hardware.

HTC particularly wanted to score with the sound of its smartphones, and in 2010 it acquired 50.1 per cent of Beats shares for US $ 300 million. About a year later, the HTC Sensation XE appeared, with Beats headphones and Beats software that should improve the sound when playing audio files. The GIGA editorial team thoroughly tested the first “Beats Audio” smartphone and certified it for its excellent sound properties. Of course, there were also weaknesses: for a long time, it was not possible to use sound enhancement for other audio applications such as streaming services.

Smartphone technology from another era: The HTC Sensation XE with Beats headphones (Image: GIGA)

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HTC and Beats: No chance against iPhone 4S

The Android Authority portal recalls that HTC and Beats would go downhill the following year: Beats’ next mobile phone, the One X, could do little against the competition, including the iPhone 4S. In July 2012, HTC initially divested 25 percent of its shares, probably to create some financial margin.

The HTC One M7 turned heads in early 2013, and it again had Beats speakers on board (but no headphones). However, HTC was not lucky enough in the early 2010s: In 2013, Beats bought back all of the smartphone maker’s shares, which had weakened on the stock market. It was the end of the HTC era on Beats.