Antes de Google online: AltaVista celebra su cumpleaños

Before Google online: AltaVista celebrates its birthday

Before Google online: AltaVista celebrates its birthday

There were other search engines on the Internet before Google, including the one that is now 24 but no longer exists, AltaVista.

An early internet classic has been back offline for a long time, but older ones will probably still remember one of Google’s forerunners. Today AltaVista turns 24, but AltaVista was finally crushed six years ago. Before Google, search engines worked differently, they weren’t that smart, and they couldn’t access much of the web. Suitable for Sunday night, a little nostalgia on our part.

AltaVista in a video

Several other search engines and similar websites were available before Google. These included Fireball, Lycos, Yahoo, and AltaVista. In fact, only a few competitors that today barely play a role alongside Google have survived.