Benedict Cumberbatch: los rumores sobre bebés se están solidificando

Benedict Cumberbatch: baby rumors are solidifying

The first time

wantedon 07/01/2015 | 12:04

Will Benedict Cumberbatch be a new dad? As it has now come to light, his fiancee Sophie Hunter is said to be pregnant. Will the wedding bells ring for Benedict Cumberbatch shortly after engagement and next offspring?

This year begins with so much good news from the world of celebrities that it’s hard to know where to start. In addition to dream weddings and long-awaited births, Benedict Cumberbatch is now joining the group of expectant parents. He and his fiancee Sophie Hunter are expected to have their first child, as “Page Six” reports. Benedict Cumberbatch is currently one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors, is there room for offspring?

Things are going like clockwork for Benedict Cumberbatch

Work and children: a double burden that many couples have to face every day. In a few months, Benedict Cumberbatch will also have to change diapers and change the film set and, of course, his fiancee should not be neglected either. The couple only got engaged in November and just two months later, the good news went around the world that the two were expecting children. A tight pacing is what Benedict Cumberbatch presents here and as an anonymous source reveals “Page Six,” he and the future mom are already very excited. And the insider has revealed another little secret.

Benedict Cumberbatch arrives at the altar

Since the engagement was not long ago, Benedict Cumberbatch and his 36-year-old girlfriend wanted to take a little more time until the wedding bells ring. With the pregnancy, however, these plans seem to have changed a bit, because as reported, the two actors want to say yes in the coming months. Exciting times await Benedict Cumberbatch!

Sometimes it just works! First engagement, then a baby, and now the wedding too – things really couldn’t be better for Benedict Cumberbatch! Not only does he seem to have hit the jackpot in his private life, Benedict Cumberbatch can’t complain about a lack of cinematic deals either, keep it up!

Image Source: Getty Images / Chelsea Lauren