Benedict Cumberbatch: El compromiso fue el más grande

Benedict Cumberbatch: The engagement was the greatest

Benedict Cumberbatch: The engagement was the greatest

Exciting year

wantedon December 8, 2014 | 16:29

Every year, December is the right time to pause for a moment and review the past year. Benedict Cumberbatch also has every reason to look back at the last twelve months with gratitude. After all, the Brit not only continued to take off in Hollywood, some things also changed for Benedict Cumberbatch in his private life.

Benedict Cumberbatch will surely remember 2014. After all, the 38-year-old actor was not only able to present some notable films and win one or another major award, the actor also made a great capture on a personal level: in November he announced his engagement in the British newspaper “The Times”. the well-known theater director Sophie Hunter, an occasion that for Benedict Cumberbatch outshines everything else.

Benedict Cumberbatch is delighted with Sophie Hunter

After all, what is an Emmy or a lead role in a Marvel film adaptation if the chosen one answers “yes” to all questions? This is why Benedict Cumberbatch definitely puts engagement first in his personal review of the year. “It was the most important message of my life. It’s very private so I don’t want to say too much about it. But my commitment to the woman I love was obviously the most important thing for me in 2014, “Benedict Cumberbatch told the tabloid” The Sun “.

Benedict Cumberbatch: Works with Sophie Hunter!

It is not a fact that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter perform so well. After all, the Brit is a celebrated world star who can barely leave home without causing a crowd. So what is the secret recipe for the two lovebirds? “She is proud of my work, she is proud of me and she loves me. That’s the bottom line, right? It’s one of the reasons it fits so well. It can be a really difficult thing, but she has it perfectly under control ”, Benedict Cumberbatch praised his beloved lady.Benedict Cumberbatch gets excited about his fiancée. Apparently, the heartthrob is still floating on cloud 7 several weeks after the announcement of their engagement. We treat it from the bottom of our hearts!

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