Berlín día y noche: ¿Anne Wünsche abandona ahora la serie?

Berlin day and night: Anne Wünsche is now leaving the series?

Berlin day and night: Anne Wünsche is now leaving the series?

First son!

wantedon 03/12/2013 | 16:28

The news that Anne Wünsche aka Hanna from “Berlin Day and Night” is pregnant came as a surprise to many. Fans of the series now wonder if Anne will leave “BTN” to dedicate herself entirely to her motherhood.

Anne Wünsche is pregnant: the 21-year-old is expecting a baby both in her role as Hanna Schiller in “Berlin Day and Night” and in real life. Her fans, of course, are happy with the actress for her baby’s private happiness. But worry is also mixed with joythat Hanna, aka Anne, could turn her back on “Berlin day and night” so she could fully focus on the pregnancy and the baby.

Berlin day and night: Hanna is not only expecting her first child in the series

His former serial colleague on “Berlin Day and Night” Marvin Ahmed-Johnson may reassure “BTN” fans in an interview.. “She’s going to be a mom and that’s a really great thing. He can continue doing sports and moving, he does not have to move forward in a wheelchair, so he will also be in front of the camera ”, assumed the actor and former series partner of“ Berlin Day and Night ”-Hanna.

“Berlin day and night”: twice the joy of babies!

Not only her fans, but also her colleagues are happy with Anne Wünsche. In any case, Marvin Ahmed-Johnson, who stood in front of the camera in “Berlin Day and Night” with the actress, wishes his former colleague the best: “I say: Congratulations: I know that she is happy and of course that I am happy too. its!” Thanks to the shared “Berlin Day and Night” schedules, Marvin Ahmed-Johnson now knows Anne Wünsche so well that he also knows when the 21-year-old would stop working in front of the camera to protect her son.. “If she endangered her health or the health of her son, she would choose the child and not the series,” the actor is sure. But it seems that Anne, aka Hanna, will stick with the fans of “Berlin Day and Night” for now.

We are delighted with Anne Wunsch from “Berlin Day and Night” because she is expecting her first child and we wish her all the best for this exciting time. We’re even happier that she continues to cause a stir in “Berlin Day and Night” as Hanna!

Image source: RTL II