Berlín día y noche: ¿ramificación en Múnich?

Berlin day and night: branching out in Munich?

Berlin day and night: branching out in Munich?

Soap expansion

wantedon 03/01/2013 | 12:35

The Cologne branch of “Berlin Day and Night” – “Cologne 50667” – has established itself with good marks on the evening program. The series was able to secure a market share of nearly seven percent in the ad-relevant target group for two months in a row.

The creators of “Berlin day and night” Now you can finally be sure: your concept will be well received by young Germans.

The popular crew of “Berlin Day and Night”

Reason enough to start another reality soap opera after “Berlin Day and Night” and “Cologne 50667”. Therefore, it is speculated whether the Bavarian capital, Munich, will soon have its own series: “Munich day and night”.

Berlin has twice as many followers day and night as GZSZ

Speculation about a branch of “Berlin Day and Night” in Munich is also fueled by demands from fans on Facebook. A bunch of 2.5 million fans on Facebook – GZSZ has only 1.1 million followers – from “Berlin Day and Night” they want to share an elegant flat in Munich. But RTL2 spokesperson Carlos Zamorano shatters hope for the moment: “Unfortunately, I have to disappoint the fans,” Zamorano said. “We are very satisfied with “Berlin – Day and Night” and “Cologne 50667”. ”However, there is hope that the station already has the name“ Munich – day and night ”protected. And even if “Munich – day and night” is not even planned, the soap already has its own own fan site on Facebook.

We are pretty sure that there will soon be ramifications of “Berlin day and night” all over Germany, at least in major German cities!

Image source: RTL2press