Berlín día y noche Hanna: ¡Ni drogadicto ni prostituta!

Berlin day and night Hanna: Neither a drug addict nor a prostitute!

Naked for money

wantedon 02/27/2013 | 06:40

Last week, the nude photos of the Berlin actress Hanna by day and by night caused a surprise for fans. After actress Anna Wünsche has already confirmed the authenticity of the photos via Facebook, BTN-Hanna now comments on the reasons for the nude photos.

In Berlin, day and night, Anna Wünsche plays 18-year-old Hanna. In real life, the BTN star is a few years older and has already had a youth sin or two behind him. “Berlin Day and Night” star Anna Wünsche has revealed to “Bravo” if the nude photos of BTN-Hanna, which made headlines last week, are one of them.

Anna Wünsche plays the role of Hanna in BTN.

The Facebook photo with the pants down and the cheeky comment: “To ALL of you who blaspheme my photos on the net anyway (;.”, “Berlin Day and Night” star Anna Wünsche aka Hanna posted shortly after the nude photos appeared, it was already used as a Allusion to the authenticity of nude photographs classified. BTN-Hanna is now speaking publicly about her nude photos for the first time.Berlin day and night: Hanna supports her nude photos

In an interview with teen magazine, BTN-Hanna explains how erotic nude photos came about. According to the “Berlin Day and Night” actress, the nude photos should have been taken about three years ago. – for economic reasons: “I did them back then for the money, to stay afloat“, Admits Anna Wünsche, aka Hanna from” Berlin Day and Night “in the interview” Bravo “. But BTN-Hanna continues to support nude photos and considers them part of her life. The star of “Berlin Day and Night” does not want to be stamped despite the erotic images. And then Hanna explains that she “a normal young woman who was neither a drug addict nor a prostitute or did some crazy things “is. We think it’s great that Anna Wünsche, who stands in front of the camera like Hanna in “Berlin Day and Night”, talks so openly about her nude photos and we think the soap opera star is right: just because there are nude photos of her they should not be pigeonholed for long. Some other stars could take an example from this.

Image source: RTL2