Berlín día y noche: ¡la sarna permanece!

Berlin day and night: scabies remain!

Berlin day and night: scabies remain!


wanted04/26/2013 | 11:18

Fans of the RTL2 “Berlin Day and Night” series can breathe a sigh of relief. His daring darling Scabies will remain in the series against all rumors. A mysterious post on Facebook spread the rumor that Scabies was going to Hamburg. But now it is clear that he will stay in Berlin.

That was a Relief for the many fans of “Berlin Day and Night”. One of the most popular characters, Scabies will persist on them. The RTL2 broadcaster has officially announced it.

Berlin by day and by night: scabies will continue to act

About a week ago, scabies actor Marcel Maurice Neue posted a photo on Facebook, which he captioned: “Find the woman of your dreams in Hamburg“. Speculation about moving in and out of “Berlin day and night” came up immediately. A short time later one appeared ominous press photo von Krätze under which the logo of the supposed sister format “Hamburg Day and Night” could be seen. But now RTL2 gives everything clear: Scabies will stay with “Berlin day and night”.

Berlin will not lose its character day and night

In an official statement from the television station, it was said that the page from which the Hamburg-Post came Marcel Maurice Neue showed up, it wasn’t their official site at all. Notice board entry should not be taken seriously. So scabies is and will remain Berlin! That should come as a relief to some fans of the streaming format, although many fans of the series are in for a new format in another German metropolis throb. Due to the success of “Berlin Day and Night” and “Cologne 50667” this should already be in the planning stage.It would probably not have been the right thing to transplant “Berlin day and night”, mange from the primeval rocks, to another city. Now we can expect a lot of news with the daredevil and maybe even a similar streaming format in Hamburg!

Image source: RTL2