Berlín día y noche: el secreto de Sofi se revela

Berlin day and night: Sofi’s secret is revealed

Berlin day and night: Sofi's secret is revealed

Dispute on the go!

wantedon 02/25/2013 | 15:03

This week, too, excitement is guaranteed on RTL II’s cult soap opera “Berlin Day and Night.” For example, Sofi has to make an uncomfortable admission to her friends that Alina in particular will hit hard. But even between Ole and JJ, rags fly across the floor. What’s happening this week on “Berlin Day and Night”?

For Sofi in particular, next week on “Berlin Day and Night” will be one of the worst experiences. A phone call in the shared apartment reveals that the blonde, who actually pretends to make laid-back soul music, is secretly working on a successful career and has been keeping this secret from her friends for a long time. The shared flat is understandably angry, and most of all Alina feels betrayed by her friend in the upcoming episodes of “Berlin Day and Night.”

Berlin day and night: Sofi has problems

Meanwhile, in the shared flat, Ole breaks the following discussion into “Berlin day and night.” With Fabrizio’s ex-girlfriend, JJ, the young singer does not get along at all, so he secretly decided to get the Russian beauty off the floor. But just before succeeding with this strategy in “Berlin Day and Night”, Fabrizio surprisingly intervenes.

Berlin by day and night: scabies is becoming a workhorse

The biggest character change is taking place this week with “Berlin Day and Night.” In this way, the lazy bum, formerly mostly noticeable as a parasite, suddenly becomes a hardworking worker at his new job. But the reason for this development in “Berlin Day and Night” is not the enjoyment of work. Instead, Krätze believes that he has found the woman of his dreams in his colleague Miri.

Also this week, “Berlin Day and Night” promises to be very exciting. We are already eager to see the episodes and curious to see if Scabies can really beat their laziness.

Image source: © RTL II