¡Berlín recibe oro y platino día y noche!

Berlin receives gold and platinum day and night!

Gold and platinum

wantedon 04/30/2013 | 13:11

“Berlin day and night” just can’t be stopped! In addition to mega ratings, the soap opera now also convinces with high DVD sales.

Fans just can’t get enough of “Berlin Day and Night”! Seeing the soap opera actors five times a week on the home screen is definitely not enough for many die-hard “Berlin Day and Night” fans.

Berlin is a huge hit by day and by night.

The “Berlin Tag und Nacht” party team has been delighting a wide audience since September 2011 and the excitement surrounding the RTL2 series does not appear to be abating. Fans want to see their favorites from “Berlin Day and Night” not only on regular television, but also on DVD. So you can join the life of scabies and Co. at any time.

“Berlin Day and Night” AwardDVD sales of “Berlin Day and Night” are growing so much that the hit soap opera is now awarded with platinum and gold has been. The RTL2 series is an absolute hit on the DVD shelf. A total of 50,000 copies of the first season have already been sold without a prescription, guaranteeing platinum status. Seasons 2 and 3 of “Berlin Day and Night” have been awarded gold with around 25,000 boxes each.

“Berlin day and night” is and will continue to be a true phenomenon. And the success proves that the soap opera is right: with DVDs, thousands of fans bring the big city feel and party atmosphere of the colorful flat-screen TV into their homes.

Image source: RTL II