El mejor maquillaje económico: excelente apariencia por poco dinero

Best budget makeup: great looks for little money

Best budget makeup: great looks for little money

wantedon 02/15/2013 | 14:06

If there is still that month at the end of the money, you can also save a euro or two on makeup. A smaller budget for beauty products doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice quality. From foundation to the perfect mascara, be it just plain good or multi-functional – we’ve searched the endless beauty offer for real price-performance hits under 50 euros. Our top 5 budget makeup products make looking great easy and affordable.

ELF concealer and highlighter duo

In the constant fight against deep circles under the eyes and for a fresh look, there are two products that you should definitely not do without: concealer and highlighter. ELF Cosmetics combines these two useful secret beauty weapons into one useful product. So you can quickly refresh your look on the way to the next meeting or appointment. the Concealer and highlighter under the eyes of ELF costs 5 euros for the wallet.

Nars – The Multiple

Make-up artist and photographer François Nars is a true icon of the beauty scene. It is no wonder that his cosmetics brand NARS is also known for its high-quality and above all practical products. One of the most innovative aspects and an editorial favorite: The multiple. Whether for car bones, lips or eyelids, as a base for bronzer, highlighter or eye shadow, for just 40 euros Nars’ The Mulitple one of the most versatile beauty products that, thanks to vitamin E, even has a nutritional component.

P2 – Kissed in the snow! Morning Frost Mascara

Saving money and doing something to have a clear conscience seems like a lot. Certainly, p2 cosmetics plays more in the low-end area of ​​the beauty industry. But a low price does not always mean poor quality. The fact that p2 doesn’t use animal testing at all makes getting to the beauty shelf even easier. And if you are looking for an elegant eye makeup, this is the one for you. Morning Frost Mascara of those kissed in the snow! Take a closer look at the limited edition.

Essence Cosmetics – Space Queen Nail Polish

When it comes to beautiful nails, of course, it doesn’t always have to be the complete package at the salon. The Essence brand is particularly popular with price-conscious beauty specialists due to its exceptional nail polishes. Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest also regularly give Essence cosmetics a good rating. And at a price of less than 2 euros for nail polish, there may be a few more colors. Our tip: Essence kicks off in mid-February with a whole range of fresh and radiant colors, like glossy nude lacquer. Queen of space.

Zoeva Bamboo Beauty Brush Set

It is true that when it comes to beauty brushes, saving is not the first thing you should think about. But you don’t have to loot the account either. Anyone willing to invest a reasonable amount in suitable tools can benefit in three ways. Most products can be applied much more precisely, easily and economically with the right brush. Our current price-performance advice: Bamboo Zoeva brush set. For 25 euros you get 12 brushes with high-quality Taklon synthetic bristles and a real bamboo handle in a practical travel case.