Beth Ditto se casó

Beth Ditto got married

Beth Ditto got married

In law

wantedthe 08/01/2015 | 15:24

Musically he had become a bit calmer with Beth Ditto and her band Gossip in recent months. The singer had more time to do things in her private life. After same-sex couples were allowed to marry in their native Oregon, Beth Ditto and her friend Kristin Ogata were now married under the law.

It has been no secret for years that the Gossip leader is a passionate advocate for gay rights. But now this fight has paid off for him personally. After the US state of Oregon officially allowed same-sex couples to marry, Beth Ditto and Kristin Ogata seized the opportunity and entered the port of marriage on New Year’s Eve. “After gay marriage was recently legalized in Oregon, they were married under the law on December 31,” a spokesperson confirmed to famous blogger “Perez Hilton.”

Beth Ditto has reason to be happy

It is the second wedding of Beth Ditto and her partner Kristin Ogata. After all, the two of them had already said yes in July 2013 on the Hawaiian island of Maui. However, the ceremony at that time was not a legal marriage. Before the law, they were still single despite their mutual bond. The dream couple was finally able to make up for this step, which seems to be a particular satisfaction, especially for Beth Ditto herself.

Beth Ditto thanks her colleagues

Beth Ditto made her second wedding official on Tuesday via Facebook, and this time she immediately thanked everyone who had fought with her to legalize gay marriage in the United States and thus made her special day possible. “He finally got legally married a year later. Thanks to everyone who fought to legalize gay marriage in Oregon! Then in 2015 across America! ”Beth Ditto explained. She did not disclose details about her marriage, as did her spokesperson.

How nice it must be when a year-long struggle finally pays off. We wish Beth Ditto and Kristin Ogata all the best on their second wedding and are united in their desire for the legalization of gay marriage to continue this year.

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