Entre nosotros: reencuentro con Alexander Sholti

Between us: reunion with Alexander Sholti

Despite serial death

wantedon 08/29/2013 | 12:48

Even if you wonder at first how that can be, Alexander Sholti will soon celebrate his comeback on “Unter Uns”! The surprise is not entirely unfounded, after all, her role Björn Winter died serial death. But the creators of “Unter Uns” came up with an exciting story for the popular actor to return.

There will be no dramatic – and unrealistic – resurrection on “Unter Uns”, nor will it turn out that Björn Winter’s death was just a bad dream: Instead, Alexander Sholti slides into the role of “Dr. Sascha Brenner “ – Björn Winter’s Lost Twin Brother!

Between us: Alexander Sholti (right) is back!

Of course, this creates a lot of fuss in Schillerallee, after all, nobody knew anything about a twin. The story promises a lot of tension in “Unter Uns”. Alexander Sholti is also looking forward to his new position at his old workplace: “The position is a great challenge for me. I am the twin, I can show completely different sides and still borrow from Björn Winter, ”reports the“ Unter Uns ”actor in an RTL press release.

“Between us”: colleagues bring back Alexander Sholti

The idea to bring Alexander Sholti back to the set came from his colleagues: Claudelle Deckert and Stefan Bockelmann suggested that the actor return to face the camera of “Unter Uns”. “I didn’t have to think twice. The three of us always harmonize very well in front of the camera. I think the time has come for a new beginning for the Claudelle, Stefan & Alexander dream team, ”said“ Unter Uns ”actor Alexander Sholti in the press release. After more than five years, he will be back in front of the cameras from September; in December, the first episodes of “Unter Uns” will be broadcast on television with returnees.

It is true that we first had to rub our eyes when we learned of the return of a dead character from the series on “Unter Uns,” but the story that the creators of the show came up with seems to be an exciting one. We will definitely tune in!

Image Source: (c) RTL / Stefan Behrens