Entre nosotros: Stefan Franz se convierte en papá

Between us: Stefan Franz becomes a dad

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wantedon 03/11/2013 | 15:33

Stefan Franz, who plays Rolf Jäger on “Unter Uns”, is delighted: his wife Anja is pregnant. The family happiness of the two is soon perfect.

There have been rumors for a long time that Anja, the wife of “Unter Uns” star Stefan Franz, was expecting a child, but now the future father has confirmed the rumors for the first time. Hooray, I’m going to be a dad“, I was happy with the” Kölner Express “. The “Unter Uns” actor does not want to reveal any details about the pregnancy and the offspring.

Between us actor Stefan Franz has found his private happiness

“We will not reveal what it will be,” said Stefan Franz, who has appeared on “Unter Uns” since 2002, silently. After all, he lets his fans know: “There is already a name and we are busy moving around in our apartment.” His 27-year-old wife Anja is in her sixth month, so the preparations for the offspring appear to be in full swing.“Among us” favorite Stefan Franz needs to change diapers again soon

Stefan Franz and his Anja have been a couple since November 2011 and got married in August 2012. The first child together should make the happiness of the little family perfect. The “Unter Uns” actor already has a 20-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. “It’s like a refresher course on how to become a parent. I will definitely go with you to prepare for the birth “, Stefan Franz is looking forward to his new assignments in addition to “Unter Uns”. The actor just wants to leave the pregnancy exercises to his wife Anja.Baby news on “Unter Uns”! We are happy with Stefan Franz and his wife for the first child together. We wish you all the best for this exciting time.

Image source: © RTL / Stefan Gregorowius