Beyonce y Jay-Z: 500 guardaespaldas para la gira juntos

Beyonce and Jay-Z: 500 bodyguards for the tour together

Beyonce and Jay-Z: 500 bodyguards for the tour together

Security First!

wantedon 06/24/2014 | 16:21

Beyonce and Jay-Z are fulfilling a long-cherished dream this year: a tour together. Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, the two superstars will tour North America and entertain their fans. Lest fans of the powerful couple go overboard with their enthusiasm, the two reportedly hired 500 bodyguards during the tour, who are supposed to ensure law and order in front of, above and behind the scenes.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s joint tour could be the hottest act of 2014, because as long as the singer and rapper let their talents run wild, the fun is guaranteed. Back in April, Beyonce and Jay-Z announced on Facebook that they would be touring the United States and Canada together from June to August. “On the Run” is the name of the tour and currently includes 16 concert dates. The tour will begin on June 25 in Miami. In the coming weeks, the successful duo will also perform in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, Arlington, Chicago, Winnipeg, Seattle, Pasadena, San Francisco, and a few other cities.

Beyonce and Jay-Z: What’s Behind the Huge Bodyguard Lineup?

However, Beyonce and Jay-Z are apparently accompanied by a small mini army throughout the tour, which is supposed to ensure that nothing happens to the successful parents and their little daughter Ivy. But it’s not just Beyonce and Jay-Z who are strengthening their security team. The organizers of the different cities also go a step further in terms of security. According to “The Sun” newspaper, for example, the Los Angeles organizing team has once again increased its own security team to protect Beyonce and her family from potential stalkers and kidnappers.

Beyonce and Jay-Z: That’s how important their daughter’s safety is to them

Beyonce apparently wants to show that she is capable of balancing her work as a musician and her obligations as a mother. A source reported in an interview with “The Sun”: “Beyonce wants to be the most loving mother in the music business.” Apparently behind the large-scale bodyguard mission is primarily concern for sweet Ivy. “Beyonce and Jay-Z are not going to stop working on every little leak in their safety net. Their security needs are almost the same as those of a military operation, ”the source revealed.

It seems as if Beyonce and Jay-Z stayed true to their image of perfectionists even while touring together and left nothing to chance. Hopefully they’ve really thought of everything and that “On The Run” is a success in terms of security.

Image source: Kevork Djansezian / getty images