Beyoncé y Jay Z a punto de divorciarse

Beyoncé and Jay Z about to divorce

Beyoncé and Jay Z about to divorce

Adventure rumors

wantedon 09/10/2015 | 16:34

Beyoncé and Jay Z have been speculating about marital problems for a long time, now the couple’s situation is said to have worsened again. Apparently, the beautiful singer even plans to divorce.

Apparently Beyoncé and Jay Z’s house blessing isn’t just a little crooked! “The marriage is dead,” reports a source from the United States “InTouch”. According to him, the 34-year-old is tired of always putting a good face on bad play. The reason: your godly husband may not necessarily be the most loyal.

Beyoncé: is she breaking up with Jay-Z?

Enough is enough

At least since the elevator fight with Beyoncé’s sister Solange has been rumored, but even before Jay Z supposedly didn’t take it too seriously with monogamy. It is said that the music producer had something or flirted with several protégés. Even names like Rihanna and Rita Ora were already mentioned. Now Beyoncé’s barrel seems to be finally full. “It seems like she’s closed, like she doesn’t want to talk about her marriage or why she and Jay Z didn’t have another child after Blue Ivy. “According to the source “InTouch”.

Actually, Beyoncé has already told her friends and family that she is ready to look forward. “She will announce it publicly soon“The supposedly initiated wants to know. Jay Z apparently has little say in this. “It is totally up to her how he will announce the divorce … She will play the victim card against him.”

Who will get Blue Ivy?

And even that According to the source, custody of her daughter Blue Ivy has already been clarified for Beyoncé.. “She definitely wants sole custody,” quotes “InTouch.” The 45-year-old rapper should get a visit. Blue Ivy is a reason to stay married and to get divorced. However, Beyoncé doesn’t want her little one to grow up like her: with parents arguing.

So is it really that bad for the future of the celebrity couple and is divorce just around the corner? Probably only Beyoncé and Jay Z know. We definitely hope they go down the path that they are happier, maybe even together.

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