Beyonce y Jay-Z: ¿Vas a París?

Beyonce and Jay-Z: Are you going to Paris?

Beyonce and Jay-Z: Are you going to Paris?

Welcome to Paris

wantedthe 23/10/2014 | 10:54

Recently, Beyonce and Jay-Z renewed their vows to show the whole world: We still love each other! To keep it that way, the two megastars are apparently planning a future in the “City of Love,” or why else should their daughter Blue Ivy suddenly learn French?

Beyonce and Jay-Z are successful all over the world. But while the glamorous couple and their little daughter Blue Ivy are followed at every turn by curious paparazzi in their American homeland, the two apparently hope they can raise the two-year-old in Europe in peace. As “Us Weekly” reports, Beyonce and Jay-Z want to emigrate to Paris …

Beyonce and Jay-Z are looking for a house in Paris

It is said that Beyonce and Jay-Z even searched for houses around them. During his last stay in the French metropolis, apparently not only a visit to the Louvre was on the daily program, but also some apartment tours. Will Beyonce and Jay-Z settle in Paris forever? “They want to buy a house in Paris because they have so many fond memories of it and they just want the chance to be there more often.“, He revealed an alleged insider information about the celebrity couple’s plans and brought light to the darkness…

Beyonce: Do you think Jay-Z is too fat?

As a result, the VIP couple who got engaged in Paris only plan to live in France for a few weeks a year. Still Blue Ivy Should Learn French Soon, According To Source! “Paris is their city”, revealed the source, “they have always loved it!” However, since Paris is not only the city of love, but above all the city of sweets, Jay-Z should be her in the near future stay away, at least if his wife Beyonce has her way. They think their rapper husband is too fat, reports “OK!” Magazine. If the extra pounds that Jay-Z currently has on his ribs are due to his lifestyle? “He’s just not an active person because he spends a lot of time in the studio or at the office”, “OK!”, Quotes another source close to Bey and Jay. With long walks along the Seine, this problem could soon disappear into thin air …

Paris really seems like the right city for Beyonce and Jay-Z. After all, not only are the two of them engaged here, but here too, they can fully focus on their family life and raising their daughter, in addition to the biting attacks from the paparazzi. Welcome to Paris!

Image source: gettyimages / AFP / FRANCK FIFE