Beyonce y Jay-Z: ¡Algo está pasando!

Beyonce and Jay-Z: Something’s up!


wantedthe 02/09/2014 | 13:04

Speculation has long been circulating about an alleged marriage between Beyonce and Jay-Z. The probably most famous musician couple in Hollywood is said to be in a deep and inevitable crisis in which no one, including Beyonce and Jay-Z himself, knows where the journey will end. In divorce or trying to restart?

Judging by current images, the disagreements between Beyonce and her husband of the gods Jay-Z, 44, definitely seem to be a thing of the past: At “The Budweiser Festival” in Los Angeles, the singer and music producer appeared not only together, but also as a couple of turtles. Former “Destiny`s Child” member Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z enjoyed the bond in an intimate bond and seemed as in love as the first day. Is it just a PR joke from the two superstars?

Beyonce and Jay-Z seem far from divorcing

According to rumors, 17-year-old Grammy winner Beyonce and the American rapper had allegedly already filed for divorce papers. His marriage, which resulted in a child with little Blue Ivy, seemed to be on the brink of end. However, according to current images, the planned separation at all levels seems to have been suddenly forgotten and has never been there. Were the speculations about an alleged end to the marriage between Beyonce and Jay-Z simply staged?

Beyonce and Jay-Z: is there a secret love return?

At the music festival, at least, the two seemed happy together. The powerful couple searched for a quiet niche and huddled all night, whatever the cost. Beyonce and her New York acrobat Jay-Z seemed more familiar than ever and even danced provocatively together. However, this cannot be interpreted as a sign of the failure of a long marriage. Gossips are already speculating whether the alleged marriage problems were not made public by the singing duo themselves to gain publicity. One thing can be said for certain in the chaos of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage: The new photos show a credible and loving couple. Even if Beyonce and Jay-Z tried beforehand to convince the public of their cohesion, they often failed due to their credibility. In the eyes of some observers, the images and joint appearances often seemed too stereotypical and, according to critics, their appearance in society at the “MTV Video Music Awards” seemed quite artificial. At the time, Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z were still generously announcing that they were a family, although there were already some rumors about their private lives. Perhaps, after all, there was some truth to it.

In the end, only the future will tell what the truth of the rumors about a split between Beyonce and Jay-Z is. The two will go the optimal path for them, so that the girl Blue Ivy Carter does not suffer. The real life of the relationship and the true reasons for the speculations and discrepancies, on the other hand, will probably never be fully known …

Image Source: Michael Buckner / Getty Images for American Eagle