Beyonce: la biografía debería aparecer el próximo año

Beyonce: bio should appear next year

Beyonce: bio should appear next year


wantedon October 29, 2014 | 11:21

At 33, Beyonce can already look back on a fast-paced life, this includes of course her steep career, but also her private life with rapper Jay-Z. Now, Beyonce’s exciting life will be summed up in a biography.

She’s beautiful, talented, and successful – Beyonce Knowles has everything a megastar needs! And the high positions on the charts and the exhausted aisles prove that he’s absolutely right. J. Randy Taraborrelli, an American author who, according to the “New York Times”, has also taken care to have this thought, put the life of the soul diva on paper.

Beyonce and her life have a lot to offer to read

He previously published the memoirs of stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Diana Ross. – Now Beyonce can also fit in this series of the greats of show business. J. Randy Taraborrelli explains why he chose the interpreter of “Borracho de amor” in this way: “Beyoncé has led an amazing and inspiring life thus far. I know very well that my readers will enjoy this trip. “

Beyonce is not involved in work.

Beyonce likely has a keen interest in the work, but is not involved in the creative process. The biography of the powerful woman will seem unauthorized. It should be ready next year: then J. Randy Taraborrelli would like to take his book to the stores. Without Beyonce’s help, the project could be a bit tricky, but the author has already taken precautions: You want to gather enough material from interviews and statements of reference persons of the interpreter of “Sweet Dreams” to complete the job. It is unknown why Beyonce did not participate in the biography himself.

Beyonce is not only a strong and powerful woman and a successful singer, but she has already become a brand. It goes without saying that your life has many interesting facets to offer. Even if Beyonce himself is not involved in the writing process, the book will remain a sought-after collector’s item for her fans.

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