Beyonce: ¿Buena cara para el mal juego?

Beyonce: Good face for bad play?

Beyonce: Good face for bad play?

Still Beyon-Z!

wantedthe 08/11/2014 | 12:01 pm

Beyonce and Jay-Z are still as in love as they were on day one, at least that’s what the queen of R’n’B currently wants her fans to know. Like under the influence of the famous pink glasses, Beyonce posts loving snapshots wherever the eye looks …

The rumor that Beyonce and her godly husband are currently going through a serious marriage crisis, so far it is not officially confirmed nor is it totally invalid. Queen B is trying really hard to look particularly in love.

Beyonce supports her husband

Posted on Instagram Beyonce now has a sexy snapshot showing her wrapped in an XXL leotard with her husband’s last name: Carter. That is a clear statement! However, it remains to be seen if the private snapshot is a recent image or if the photoshoot was a few months or even years ago. If you look the R’n’B queen in the face, Beyonce looks suspiciously young.

Beyonce fights the rumors of the crisis

Beyonce has her own strategy to convey to her fans that all is well in her marriage. She stubbornly struggles with private photos that demonstrate her family’s happiness against rumors, which say that her husband Jay-Z is having an affair with Rihanna and that she is having an affair with one of his bodyguards. But when it comes to Beyonce, the rumors about her marriage crisis are silly! With a sweet kiss emoticon, the singer confirms that she and Jay-Z Carter are still “Drunk in love.”

Rather than withdraw from the public eye entirely, Beyonce chooses social media to take a stand. With a glance at her Instagram profile, it becomes clear: her family is the most important thing in life for the singer and she will also support her husband in the future, no matter what the media reports.

Image Source: Instagram / Beyonce