¿Beyoncé pronto en el cine junto a Bradley Cooper?

Beyoncé in the movies soon with Bradley Cooper?

A star has been born

wantedon 12/13/2015 | 19:52

Beyoncé appears to be looking to give her Hollywood career a boost. A source reported that the diva had already made her first role arrested.

The last time we saw Beyoncé in the cinema with Idris Elba in the thriller “Obsessed” was in 2009. In 2013 she voiced the character of Tara in the animated film “Epic”. But her most successful role, that of Deena in the musical movie “Dreamgirls,” was almost ten years ago. It’s no wonder the movie business hasn’t been one of Beyoncé’s top priorities in recent years, because in addition to her music career and a world tour, the 34-year-old also became the mother of little Blue Ivy. in 2012 and I was very busy with it. .

But now, “Us Weekly” magazine reports, Beyoncé has been taking acting classes for a year to be optimally prepared for her role in the movie “A Star is Born.” “Beyoncé is there,” confirmed an insider on the “Page Six” page. However, much of the cast is still being searched, the portal reported, so the start of filming could be delayed until early 2017.

Beyoncé and Bradley Cooper: New Screen Dream Team?

However, it is already clear that Beyoncé will be in good company on the film set, because “Hangover” star Bradley Cooper will not only take on one of the leading roles in “A Star is Born,” but will also take on the role of director. The film is another remake of the 1937 drama “A Star is Born.” In 1954 and more recently 1976, the original film, which is about an aspiring star who wants to make it big in Hollywood, was freshly shot as a musical version.

We’re curious to see if Beyoncé will confirm the source’s statement soon, and if we’ll actually be able to admire her more often on screen in the years to come.

Image Source: GettyImages / Ilya S. Savenok