Beyonce: ¿está embarazada por segunda vez?

Beyonce: is she pregnant for the second time?

Beyonce: is she pregnant for the second time?

Baby rumors

wantedon 01/12/2015 | 12:52

Could Beyonce be pregnant again? Fans of the 33-year-old speculate about this after she posted a beach photo on Instagram showing her belly sticking out suspiciously …

Beyonce appeared on the red carpet in December

She is already the daughter of a daughter who has just turned three years old. Now there are rumors due to an Instagram snapshot that Beyonce might be pregnant a second time. The “Crazy in Love” singer posted a photo on Instagram on Sunday showing her buried in the sand on the beach with Blue Ivy. In the picture, it appears that the singer’s belly is suspiciously arched upward, as if baby number two is already growing in it. So could Beyonce be pregnant again?

SUV fans are now speculating on Instagram if Beyonce is pregnant again. “Breads in the oven?” Asks one user, for example, while another Instagram follower writes: “New baby on the way! Blue would be a great sister. ” Another fan, however, is sure: “I think that’s your way of announcing Baby # 2.” By contrast, Beyonce herself has yet to comment on whether a baby brother is really on the way for Blue Ivy.

Beyonce was buried at Blue Ivy Beach

Beyonce covers her stomach with baggy clothes

But the image shared yesterday is not the only indication that Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z could expect offspring again. As reported by “RadarOnline”, The “Who Run the World” singer already wore a very baggy blouse during a stay in Cambodia last week, which could have covered a possible tummy. The photos that Beyonce posted of the trip on her Instagram account only show her in baggy jumpsuit and thus further fuel the rumors.

If Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting baby number two, it would be an absolute cause for celebration! However, since fans of the singer are also eagerly looking forward to it, the bottom line is that a little too much is being performed in the arena photo. On the other hand, “Queen B” had also posted her latest album on Instagram without further comment – a pregnancy announcement in such a subtle way would also be conceivable. In any case, we would be very happy if Blue Ivy had a little brother!

Image source 1: Getty Images / Monica Schipper Image source 2: Instagram / beyonce