Beyonce: Michelle Williams niega los rumores sobre bebés

Beyonce: Michelle Williams denies baby rumors

Beyonce: Michelle Williams denies baby rumors


wantedon 01/13/2015 | 11:47

It’s a shame, but it’s obviously true: After rumors spread yesterday that Beyonce was expecting her second child, her Destiny’s Child colleague Michelle Williams has publicly denied that the singer is pregnant again.

Beyonce is still not pregnant again

There seems to be nothing to the rumors that Beyonce might be pregnant again. At least that’s what Michelle Williams explained yesterday when she visited the American morning talk show “The View.” “When I was pregnant, people said that I was not pregnant and you know there is just no truth to that”Beyonce’s friend and former colleague told the rumor about the Instagram snapshot. Then he added “I’m sorry” as an apology.

Michelle Williams also can’t understand the fact that people even acknowledge an alleged pregnancy hit on Beyonce, as she explained on the talk show: “If you look at the photo, then the baby’s bump is where his knees probably are!” Therefore, the photo is definitely not an indication of a second baby for Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Beyonce made rumors boil

Beyonce wants a brother for Blue Ivy

Although Beyonce doesn’t appear to be expecting another child yet, the “Single Ladies” singer and her rapper husband should, according to a “Us Weekly” insider, want a sibling for their three-year-old Blue Ivy for the foreseeable future. “You want to give Blue a brother who is not very old”the knower knows. Beyonce is also said to have made preparations for this: “She tried to cut down her workload a bit to be technically prepared in case it happens.” So her fans don’t have to give up hope of a new pregnancy for the diva too quickly.

A second baby for Beyonce would have been good news! Unfortunately, we already suspected that the Instagram post was not a confirmation, but we still hope that the “Irremplazable” singer will soon be pregnant again and announce it as spectacularly as her latest pregnancy.

Image source 1: Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris Image source 2: Instagram / beyonce