Beyonce promueve un estilo de vida vegano

Beyonce promotes a vegan lifestyle

Beyonce promotes a vegan lifestyle

Recognized trend

wantedthe 04/02/2015 | 12:50

Today, vegetarians and vegans are all the rage. Beyonce seems to have recognized this as well, because the singer is now launching her own vegan regimen.

The trend towards a completely animal-free diet is growing and growing. Vegetarian and vegan stores seem to be mushrooming everywhere, a development Beyonce now wants to take advantage of. According to an official statement, Beyonce is launching her own delivery service called “22 Days Nutrition” together with physiologist Marco Borges.

Beyonce advocates for vegan nutrition

As “OK!” Magazine reports, Beyonce has already tried various vegan cures for several days in the past. She was so excited about the result that now she would like to recommend the vegan diet to a wide audience. Why did Beyonce come up with the name “22 Days of Nutrition”? Very easily: The 22 Days Nutrition delivery service offers vegan meals for a twenty-one day period.. That’s how long it should take to break an old habit. Starting on the 22nd, you no longer need the support of the delivery service and can independently pursue your new habit and continue it.

Beyonce motivates her fans to change their diet

“If I can do it, anyone can,” Beyonce said in her statement. Rather, it means: Everyone who has the necessary budget. Because changing your diet to purely herbal products has its price. During the Beyonce program, three organic soy-free and gluten-free dishes are delivered to the customer each day. The “22 Days of Nutrition” program costs around $ 630, or about 550 euros.

As an entrepreneur, Beyonce recognized that vegan nutrition is all the rage and immediately jumped at the opportunity to develop a business idea. Well thought out: the “22 Days Nutrition” show is sure to bring the singer some decent pocket money.

Image Source: Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images