Beyonce inicia una empresa de moda

Beyonce starts a fashion company

Beyonce starts a fashion company

Obsessive worker

wantedon 10/28/2014 | 16:40

The fact that stars use their well-known names to market new projects has not only been known for a long time, but is also understandable. The undisputed queen in this area is Queen B, who just never seems to have enough to do. Now Beyonce has the next task in mind, which will lead her to an industry that is not unknown to her …

Not only a singer and an actress, but also as a mother, model, businesswoman and wife, Beyonce works every day. You wonder how you can bring all of this under one roof. But there doesn’t seem to be enough work for the SUV. In her presumably very limited free time, Beyonce would like to prove herself as an entrepreneur for a fashion company. One advantage could be that she is not entirely new to the fashion industry.

Beyonce conquers the fashion market

In 2005, Beyonce founded the fashion brand “House of Deréon” together with her mother, and the singer herself is considered a fashion model for many girls and women. So it’s only natural that the 33-year-old is partnering with British retail company Topshop to establish a new fashion brand with the help of her level of awareness. But what will Beyonce’s fashion pieces look like?

Beyonce is planning a sports palette

Anyone who thinks that Beyonce always has to be super sexy and glamorous is wrong. With the cooperation between Topshop and Beauty, a collection designed for athletic movements and perfect for dancing and training will be created. As a sports model, Beyonce is, of course, the right choice for the fashion business.That Beyonce has set foot in every industry is admirable. It looks like it can turn anything it comes into contact with to gold. Just advertising with your name is enough to turn a product into a blockbuster. Let’s wait and see if Beyonce’s next project can keep up with her previous successes.

Image Source: Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris