Beyonce: ¿Se arruinó la sorpresa de tu álbum?

Beyonce: Was your album surprise ruined?

Beyonce: Was your album surprise ruined?

Attention fans!

wantedthe 04/11/2014 | 11:44

Beyonce fans beware! After her first surprise album, “Beyoncé,” the singer is rumored to be already on the starting line with a second album. Now a tracklist has popped up on the internet that shows some cool collaborations …

With her first secret album, Beyonce surprised and delighted her fans last December. Now it seems that the singer has again planned the move of 2013 for this year. – But have your plans already been destroyed? In any case, the magazine “Vulture” published a photo that appeared on the Internet in which was a so-called “Confirmation of release”, that is confirmation that Beyonce’s surprise album will be released, you can see.

Beyonce surprised her fans with an album in 2013

“Beyoncé Volume 2” should be the name of the surprise album. But the alleged collaborations were also revealed: Among other things, Beyonce is said to work with Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Nicki Minaj, and her daughter’s name Blue Ivy is also among the artists. Beyonce has already confirmed two songs on the chart.: “Donk” with Nicki Minaj and “Cherry”, a collaboration with Rihanna. But even if the song list looks professional, a detail in the list casts doubt on it.

Beyonce: there is a strange error in the track list

Because, as the list says, Beyonce’s album is scheduled to hit the web on Friday, November 14, and in stores on Monday, November 25. The problem with this is: November 25 is not Monday, but Tuesday. Is it just a careless mistake? On the other hand, something like this really shouldn’t happen to a big record company that Beyonce can represent.

An image of a tracklist has surfaced online, allegedly directed at a Beyonce album planned as a surprise. Is it fake or did a record company employee not pay attention and got in trouble right now? It will probably show up at the end of the month …

Image Source: Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images for MTV