Bibi conoce a estos cinco chicos en Nueva York, y eso está detrás

Bibi meets these five guys in New York, and that’s behind

Why Don’t We: They are the members of the band

The 17 year old Daniel seavey it even made the top 10 on season 14 of “American Idol.” But his wish is to create his own music. Zach Herron He is only 15 years old, but with his strong singing voice and his talent on the guitar it was already noticeable in school.

Corbyn besson music was born from the cradle: the 17-year-old’s mother is a harpist and his father is a guitarist. He especially likes the guitar: “In seventh grade, I stole my father’s guitar, an old acoustic guitar that he had always owned, and I learned to play it. Since then, I play the guitar practically all the time.