Agradable, en forma, sin afeitar

Bibi with short hair

Nice, fit, unshaven

Julian even tweeted our photo:

She really did: Bibi from Bibis Beauty Palace cut her beautiful long hair and now wears a short hairstyle. The look is very modern and it was certainly a big step for the YouTuber. In the video she says: “I always wanted to have a really short hairstyle and I finally dared! […] Julian wasn’t sure at first how he thought about it, but that’s what men with short hair are like in women. I think it’s great! “

And we also thought: It really takes a lot of courage! Hats off Bibi, many others certainly wouldn’t have dared to do that. What do you think of Bibi’s new look?

Day of the Innocents!! 😉 Bibi didn’t cut her hair, of course.

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