Wiki de Bibi's Beauty Palace: Todo sobre YouTuber Bibi

Bibi’s Beauty Palace Wiki: All About YouTuber Bibi

Bibi's Beauty Palace Wiki: All About YouTuber Bibi

Last Saturday (16.09.2017) it was again? OR? Zapft is it !? and the Oktoberfest in Munich was inaugurated. Are stars and influencers not usually very far in time to start? also Bibi and Julienco. The two visited Oktoberfest yesterday and broke a lot, but Bibi’s dirndl was unfortunately not easy to recognize. So much the better that now there is a photo of Bibi and Julian in which Bibi’s dirndl can be seen more clearly. She was very feminine in pink with delicate embroidery, a lace blouse and a tulle apron. We think it’s just cute and a perfect match for Bibi.