Grandes descuentos en Philips Hue en MediaMarkt

Big discounts on Philips Hue at MediaMarkt

Big discounts on Philips Hue at MediaMarkt

MediaMarkt offers a 20% discount on almost the entire Hue range, the price reduction applies to around 130 smart lighting products.

Gadgets for Philips Hue aren’t exactly cheap at normal prices. But the latest promotion from MediaMarkt offers an extremely attractive 20% discount on the Hue range. More than 130 products and bundles that are currently available for everything Philips Hue related on MediaMarkt are being reduced. After a short investigation, it turned out that MediaMarkt offers a large number of Hue products at the best price on the Internet due to 20%.

There is another 20% shopping cart discount on select Philips Hue products.

In addition to classic LEDs, some less typical lamps and other Hue devices are also coming down in price. Like the panel lights on offer, some of which are therefore under € 100. As you can see from the caption, the 20% discount is deducted online in the shopping cart.

Promotion availability: December 14, 8:00 p.m. – December 16, 8:00 a.m.

Note: The prices and products offered may change shortly before or during the promotion, we have no influence on this. We always recommend doing your own price comparison check before buying. More offers here.

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