Mancha de sangre en bikini: ¿y qué?

Bikini blood stain: so what?

Bikini blood stain: so what?

It’s not an easy situation – there are pictures everywhere on the internet showing Madison with bloodstains on her white bikini. Such images are embarrassing enough for all women, but the 17-year-old singer must also be reproached for deliberately mounting for such images. All the better when you have a mentor who is a professional and knows the haters well. Because Justin Bieber gave advice to his protégé.

That’s how nasty Jack Gilinsky railed against Madison last year.

Justin Bieber gives advice to Madison Beer media

Shortly after the images appeared online, Madison called Justin for advice. He simply told her to stay on top of it all and dismiss it like it’s no big deal. Madison must have taken her suggestion seriously, because that’s what she did. According to a Hollywoodlife source, Justin also praised her at a meal together on January 14. He said he was very proud of her for the way she handled the situation.

Bella Thorne also provides support

But Justin’s accolades weren’t the only encouragement Madison received. Many fans took her side, as did Bella Thorne. She tweeted: “If you think someone is gross because they are on their period, then you have a real problem. It’s part of the human body, so get over it! “Right.