Bill quiere deshacerse de Internet

Bill wants to get rid of the internet

Bill wants to get rid of the internet

Paris, Boulevard St. Germain: Bill Kaulitz (21) Tokio Hotel and fashion designer Wolfgang Joop (66) sit at a table in the famous Café de Flore and talk about the evil internet. “If I could push a button and get rid of the internet with it, I would push it right away.” But how did someone who grew up with the positives of a networked world come up with such an idea? It quickly becomes clear that for a star like Bill Kaulitz, the web doesn’t offer many advantages.

Explain the dark side of being a celebrity like this: “You do something and a minute later it’s on the Internet and then it goes all over the world and everyone can comment on it and judge it.” According to Bill, a lot of “magic” is being “lost” and what was previously awash in magic would be “destroyed” and “dirty.”

Why did Wolfgang Joop and Bill Kaulitz meet?

The clip shows a short excerpt from an exciting movie that will be screened at Arte at 00:00 tonight. As part of the transmission “Through the night with …” It was a meeting of the singer from Tokio Hotel and the successful German fashion designer in Paris during Fashion Week arranged and accompanied.

Despite the 45-year age difference, the two got along brilliantly and even exchanged numbers in the end. Among other things, Wolfgang showed Bill his new Collection in Joop’s showroom and the two shared their common pain while walking against the spectacular backdrop of Paris at night Eiffel Tower on the cons of perfectionism discussed. They both know the need to constantly reinvent themselves, the constant effort to look good or feel pressured by their own image. After filming, Wolfgang Joop reported that he felt very close to Bill, that they were like “Twins separated at birth.”

TV tip: The film is screened today at 00:00 in Arte and will be repeated on 09.12.2010 at 05:00 and on 11.12.2010 at 03:50.