Björn Harras - Las desventajas de su papel en GZSZ

Björn Harras – The downsides of his role in GZSZ

Björn Harras - The downsides of his role in GZSZ


wantedon 12/28/2012 | 12:02

Björn Harras played the role of “Patrick Graf” in the telenovela “Good times, bad times.” Although this gave the actor a certain degree of popularity and also some loyal fans, there were also downsides to overcome.

Björn Harras played the role of “Patrick Graf” in the hit series “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” for three years. A role that, in addition to notoriety and fame, also brought him some inconveniences.

Björn Harras feels the disadvantages of a “bad boy” role.

Björn Harras aka “Patrick” from “GZSZ” played a character who was greedy and cunning, constantly seeking approval from “Jo Gerner” and had no scruples. One or two bad guys belong to any good series, of course. But the fact that many people do not know the difference with reality does not always bring the actresses who assume these roles preferential treatment due to the degree of fame. By contrast, GZSZ star Björn Harras had to put up with a lot.

Björn Harras: cruel treatment for his role

Björn Harras has recently been absent from “GZSZ”. The actor has decided to go out through serial death, to the sadness of his colleagues and fans, and wants to turn to other projects in the future. From his time as a soap opera star, the 29-year-old has some good memories and some bad ones too. Björn Harras spoke in RTL’s morning magazine “Punkt6” about an experience he had during his time with “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten”: “At first it happened to me that I went to the bakery and didn’t get any buns until I explained to the saleswoman that I only play a role in ‘GZSZ’.”

Björn Harras should simply view his experiences as a compliment. After all, his acting skills seem so good that viewers cannot distinguish between fiction and reality.

Image source: RTL / Klaus Mellenthin