"Adán negro" con Dwayne Johnson: se supone que este director dirigirá la adaptación del cómic

"Black adam" with Dwayne Johnson: This director is supposed to direct the comic book adaptation

"Black adam" with Dwayne Johnson: This director is supposed to direct the comic book adaptation

After the latest adaptation of the comic with Dwayne Johnson, the project is taking a big step forward. Jaume Collet-Serra is considered one of the best candidates for directing, and that is not surprising.

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We’ve known since early 2017 that Dwayne Johnson will be DC and Warner Bros. ‘supervillain and eponymous antihero in “Black Adam.” Since then, the star has repeatedly commented on the film on social media, but recently no concrete progress has been reported – that could now change. Because as the companions of Observer I want to have found out from a reliable source, the space in the director’s chair now looks as good as it is busy: According to this, Jaume Collet-Serra is the highest candidate for the position of director. It’s not a surprise.

This is Jaume Collet-Serra

The Spaniard made his film debut with “House Of Wax” in 2005 and followed up with another horror film four years later with “Orphan – The Orphan” before embarking on a long-term collaboration with Liam Neeson. In addition to “The Shallows” with Blake Lively, he represented four Neeson actors between 2011 and 2018: “Unknown Identity,” “Non-Stop,” “Run All Night” and “The Commuter.” And even if that doesn’t necessarily make him the right man for “Black Adam,” it wouldn’t be surprising if he actually directed the comic book adaptation.

Dwayne Johnson generally not only plays the lead role in his films, but has also been known to produce them, ultimately giving him a greater voice. If his film, and therefore collaboration with a director, is successful, Johnson likes to stay with his team. For example, after making two movies with Brad Peyton (“Rampage,” “San Andreas”) and two with Rawson Marshall Thurber (“Central Intelligence,” “Skyscraper”), Jaume Collet-Serra could soon direct another Johnson movie. . Their first joint project, the adventure film “Jungle Cruise”, will hit German theaters on July 23, 2020.

We know that about “Black Adam”

Black Adam is a known ancient Egyptian antagonist and predecessor of the deceptively also called Captain Marvel famous DC hero Shazam !, who follows the hero to this day to declare war on him and his Marvel family. Because of that common comic book history, it was originally planned to feature both characters in a movie, before the decision against it was finally made.

“Shazam!” It was released in April 2019 and won the hearts of critics and viewers alike. It wasn’t enough for a huge box office success, but considering production costs of “only” $ 100 million, worldwide box office revenue ($ 362 million) is still quite acceptable. It remains to be seen if “Black Adam” can be better: the film has no release date yet.

With the discussions about the director’s position getting more serious for the first time, the movie finally seems to be much closer to implementation. Filming should be like Johnson in April Twitter revealed, it starts in about a year.

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