Blake Lively y Ryan Reynolds finalmente revelan a su pequeña hija

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds finally reveal their little daughter

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds finally reveal their little daughter

Baby’s first photo

wantedthe 15/05/2015 | 10:37

We had to wait almost five months, now the time has finally come: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds post a photo of their daughter James. And even if only part of the girl’s body can be seen, fans of the dream couple are still on the moon.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds protect your privacy

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have always kept their private lives largely secret. But since their daughter James was born in late December, actors have placed an even greater emphasis on privacy. The exact date of birth of the little ones is still unknown, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds did not immediately reveal their gender. And it wasn’t until February that the proud dad revealed that his daughter’s name was James and not, as was long suspected, Violet. The dream couple also owed us a photo of their offspring – until now!

“Thumb fighting isn’t always fair. Curiously, my hand is the smallest “Ryan Reynolds wrote about a sweet snapshot of his daughter’s tiny hand grasping her father’s giant thumb.

However, from this photo we cannot judge whether little James Ryan Reynolds really looks like what Blake Lively claimed recently on a TV show.

Blake Lively is excited to have Ryan Reynolds on Instagram

Before his cute father-daughter snapshot, Ryan Reynolds only uploaded five more photos to Instagram showing the footage and their dogs. The 38-year-old is still a true newbie to Instagram. His wife Blake Lively also addressed this fact when she shared the photo of the hands on her own Instagram account: “… and with that my husband joined @vancityreynolds Insta”.

Dear Blake Lively, dear Ryan Reynolds, when will you finally show us a complete picture of your James? The photo of the hand is very beautiful, but little by little we would like to see more of your offspring …

Image Source: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain