Blake Lively es súper delgado de nuevo

Blake Lively is super skinny again

Blake Lively is super skinny again

After baby bodysuit

wantedon 01/28/2015 | 09:57

It’s only been four weeks since Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds became parents to a daughter. Not much is known about little mini-Blake, whose famous parents largely withdrew from the public after birth. But now Blake Lively is finally back with an Instagram photo …

Blake Lively four weeks ago

The image that Blake Lively uploaded to her Instagram profile yesterday does not show her young daughter, as many fans of the “Gossip Girl” beauty expected, but the new mom at work. Instead of being busy with her baby 24 hours a day, Blake Lively returns to work as soon after the birth!

Otherwise, we would not have expected Blake Lively to be born a “working mom.” After all, the former “Gossip Girl” not only works as an actress, but also as a blogger and lifestyle model. Blake Lively also participates in the charity show “My Life My Choice”as evidenced by his latest Instagram post.

Blake Lively is back at work

Blake Lively is slim again

Blake Lively only goes into moving moments that she may have experienced in recent weeks, but otherwise leaves her family life unmentioned in her post. “Thank you all for the good wishes in this special moment. Sending love to our girls in Boston today on My Life My Choice […] I promise these girls’ stories will change your life! What Blake Lively can’t hide besides her big heart is her. Crazy body after baby! We can hardly believe that just four weeks after giving birth, the 27-year-old is already thin and thin again and doesn’t have an extra pound on her ribs.

Blake Lively was a true pregnant woman model. Needless to say, she also has a good figure as a new mom. And that literally! How do VIP moms do it?

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