Blake Lively ama su panza

Blake Lively loves her tummy

Blake Lively loves her tummy

So beautifully pregnant

wantedon October 13, 2014 | 09:45

For Blake Lively, her biggest dream comes true with her first baby. How much the beautiful actress seems to enjoy her pregnancy is shown by other images that the “Gossip Girl” published on her blog “Preserve”.

Blake Lively is celebrating her pregnancy

Blake Lively had always said that she would love to be a mother … he would love to have a whole soccer team. Now the 27-year-old is expecting her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds and it seems she couldn’t be happier about it. In her lifestyle blog “Preserve”, Blake Lively made her first pregnancy with a beautiful image not only public, now she posted more photosthat they show in the company of some friends in their “babyshower”.

Blake Lively is celebrating her pregnancy

The belly is already clearly rounded, a smile on her face – Blake Lively has the proverbial “Mama-Glow”! The beautiful actress published two photos, judging by the images, around the fifth month of pregnancy It should be. In the stretch dress with black and white print, the little baby bead that makes Blake Lively shine is particularly effective.

Blake Lively celebrates the babyshower

“Before I have the pleasure of getting up at three in the morning, changing an incredible number of diapers, and having my favorite t-shirt full, I can Opening gifts, serving cakes, getting advice and celebrating a lotBlake Lively commented on the photo of her baby shower, in which she is seen receiving a huge cake.

We would like to look this beautiful when we are pregnant. Blake Lively is absolutely proud to be a mother. We are sure that we will see a snapshot or two of the beautiful actress of the mother-to-be!

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