Blake Lively publica una íntima foto fija

Blake Lively posts an intimate still photo

Blake Lively posts an intimate still photo

Intimate perceptions

wantedon 07/17/2015 | 09:51

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds protect their private lives to the fullest, especially when it comes to their six-month-old daughter James. But every now and then, the beautiful actress gives some ideas, as a recent snapshot shows that Blake Lively is breastfeeding.

But if you think you’re going to take a look at little James or even Blake Lively’s boobs, we have to disappoint you. Because hardly any Hollywood star manages so well to inspire their fans with private recordings, but at the same time they don’t reveal too much.

In her latest Instagram snapshot, the 27-year-old is shown in a purple bikini in front of a dreamy Asian background with rocks and water, looking at something that cannot be seen in the photo. “The benefits of breastfeeding,” Blake Lively commented in the picture, making it clear that she was holding her six-month-old daughter James. and saw them drink. If that’s not a cleverly chosen image section!

Blake Lively is currently filming in Thailand

The reason for Blake Lively’s stay in Asia or Thailand is that The filming of his new movie “All I See Is You”To which the beautiful actress is of course accompanied by her small family. Some Instagram photos show that the 27-year-old is visibly enjoying her time in Thailand.

While Blake Lively is in front of the camera, Ryan Reynolds watches over James, but when the little one is hungry, Mom shouldn’t be far away. finally James is breastfed and that’s a true “full time job”as Blake Lively revealed to Allure magazine in May.

Blake Lively is doing it right! Even if we think it’s a shame that we haven’t seen a photo of little James even six months after birth, we think it’s very exemplary that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are so concerned about the privacy of their little family. After all, the actress shares enough pretty snapshots with us.

Image Sources: Instagram / blakelively