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Bleaching the roots: very easy with these instructions!

Color yourself

After 4-6 weeks max, it’s time for the faux blondes to change the color of the roots. However, going to the salon regularly can be very expensive in the long run, so it may be worth it to simply whiten the approach at home. I will explain how to do it step by step!

Whitening focus: the preparation

The right tone

If you are bleaching the roots yourself for the first time, you must first know exactly what shade of blonde and what level of lightening you need. Otherwise, your roots may stick out from the rest of your hair later on. If you’ve had it re-dyed at the salon before, you may be able to ask there what shade was used. Alternatively, you can go to a store specializing in hairdressing products and get advice from the experts there. Because they are usually very familiar with it.

The right products

If you know what shade of blonde or what level of lightening you need, you have the option of choosing between bleaching and lightening agents from the pharmacy or professional products. Find out here how you can properly mix your separately purchased developer and bleaching powder.

Whitening: Lightens hair a few to a few levels; gives blonde a warm, neutral or cool tone

Rinse aid: Lightens hair up to 9 levels; hardly contains color pigments

Instructions: Get closer to the bleach

You need:

  • Hair dye
  • brush
  • Gloves
  • Comb handle
  • Hair clips
  • Hand mirror
  • an old t-shirt or an old towel

Prepare your root staining accessories in advance.

8 Piece Hair Dye Set, Hair Coloring Brush, Coloring Bowl, Hair Clips and Comb

8 Piece Hair Dye Set, Hair Coloring Brush, Coloring Bowl, Hair Clips and Comb

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Let’s start with the instructions:

  1. Comb your hair well. Put on your shirt or put the towel around your shoulders and put on the gloves.
  2. Now use the comb on the handle to divide your hair into 4 sections: pull one part from the middle of the forehead back as if you were trying to make two braids.
  3. Next, pull a part from one ear up over your head to the other ear.
  4. Secure all 4 sections of hair with clips.
  5. Now mix the color and start applying immediately.
  6. Work through the approaches first. Always apply color only to the edge of blonde hair and, if possible, no further. For the back of your head, you can use the hand mirror or ask someone else for help.
  7. Now you can loosen the clamps and work through the individual sections from front to back. Always pull a new part with the handle comb until you have applied color to all roots.
  8. At the end, apply the remaining color to the roots around the forehead and temples.
  9. Now look at the given exposure time. However, you shouldn’t let the paint work for more than 45 minutes.

Here in the video you can see everything more closely:

Here you can find the products of the video:

tip: Whitening the focus can take a long time. The application alone takes up to half an hour, depending on the amount and thickness of the hair. You can divide the bleaching into two sessions so that the base color does not have a too long exposure time in the different areas. Of course, this only works if you don’t have to go out in public in the middle. I used to have B. Often one half of my head is colored at the base at night and the other half the next morning.

Focus has a tint of color, now what?

It is not uncommon for the roots to have a slightly different shade from the rest of the hair after bleaching. Then you can try to match the focus color by killing it. It may also appear yellow or have a different hue. Then these articles will help you:

Alternatives to root coloring

If you are tired of constantly having to bleach your roots, you can let your hair color grow in and hide the roots for a while. However, you also have these options so that the transition between the two hair colors is not too harsh:

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