Android actual para todos: el siguiente paso está en camino

Bloatware on Android: Google asked to crack down on pre-installed apps

Current Android for everyone: the next step is on the way

Google hasn’t done anything about pre-installed bloatware on Android devices in recent years, and several organizations are now calling for a reconsideration.

The so-called bloatware is installed on the Android smartphones of some manufacturers. Many Android applications are factory installed on devices that the user does not even want. Manufacturers sell advertising space in this way. Often times these bloatware apps cannot be removed or returned with system updates. Something unpleasant, because this is the case with cheap but also very expensive devices. Now, a civil society alliance is asking Google in an open letter to finally take action on this issue more strictly or not at all.

The problem with these applications is that they are usually not necessarily “dead” on the phone. They can run in the background, collect user data, analyze usage behavior, and thus even drain your battery or take up system resources. Now, various organizations are asking Sundar Pichai, Google’s incumbent boss, to finally do something about this bloatware. Organizations also include Amnesty International and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Android: Bloatware apps use system resources and may not be secure

In addition to the general topic of bloatware, which has long preoccupied the Android world, security and privacy were also discussed. With many of the pre-installed applications, it would not even be possible to verify whether the security of user data is really at risk. This has happened in the past, especially with cheap and less controlled manufacturers.

Organizations say there must be more control over all manufacturers. We agree with that. If Google manages to force its own Google apps for Android devices from all manufacturers, the company should be happy to enforce its power a bit more when it comes to bloatware.