Bloom: visto el nuevo Galaxy Fold de Samsung (foto)

Bloom: spotted Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold (photo)

Bloom: spotted Samsung's new Galaxy Fold (photo)

Samsung is already showing its new foldable smartphone behind the scenes, and now it should finally be confirmed before the presentation.

Bloom, the name of Samsung’s next foldable smartphone. Currently it can be assumed that this is just an internal code name. This can be seen in an image that was obviously shown at a secret meeting. So a month before the official presentation. Samsung doesn’t want to officially introduce its new foldable smartphone until February 11, alongside the Galaxy S20 series. So now this leak, shoddy though.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: folding smartphones instead of tablets

As has already been known in recent weeks, this Android smartphone folds up like a classic folding phone. When open, no keyboard appears, instead there is a large folding OLED screen in the middle. Samsung will avoid the mistakes of the first generation, and the price could or should be a notch lower.

The photos appeared a few days ago. Therefore, the new Galaxy Fold should be confirmed in its new form. Since the first generation with roughly 400,000 units didn’t sell like crazy, a lower price and a more compact form factor could bring the expected boost. A timely market launch would also be helpful.

What is a folding smartphone?

Foldable is establishing itself as the name of a new generation of smartphones that have foldable or foldable OLED displays. They are the modern reincarnation of classic clamshell phones.