BMW anuncia actualización: Android Auto se puede usar de forma inalámbrica

BMW (finally) introduces Android Auto

BMW announces update: Android Auto can be used wirelessly

Android Auto will finally be able to be used in BMW as well, the Bavarian automaker even allows the wireless version in its vehicles.

BMW fans and drivers have been waiting for this message, and Android Auto will finally be integrated into the Bavarian automaker’s vehicles. In recent years Android Auto has always been rejected, but at the same time Apple Carplay integration has been offered. BMW drivers tend to use iPhones, says the automaker. At least version 7 of the iDrive software, as well as Live Cockpit Professional, is required for future use of Android Auto. Available now on some vehicle models from 2019.

BMW does it wirelessly

You will not need a cable for Android Auto in BMW vehicles, the car manufacturer will directly support the wireless version. Unfortunately, it cannot be used with a large number of Android smartphones at the moment. Google and Samsung. BMW is one of the last manufacturers with support for Android Auto, but one of the first with the wireless version. Starts in July 2020.